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HoBiken is Closed

HoBiken will reopen soon. Please return to this page or go to the Symposia Bookstore for more information.

HoBiken needs your help! See below for ways you can help!

HoBiken the Community Bike Project of Hoboken, NJ provides low-cost bicycles for residents of Hoboken. It is based out of the Symposia Bookstore, 510 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ.

HoBiken is low-cost alternative transportation.
Our bikes are available for a minimal donation for Hoboken residents and only $5 a day for non-residents.

Pick up your bike at Symposia Bookstore between the hours of Noon to 7pm Every Day.

Our bicycles are built from recovered and donated bicycles, many from here in Hoboken.


Recent Donations

HoBiken has received some very generous donations recently.

The Hudson Tea Building donated 15 bicycles.
Thank you.

Rich, the original project founder, donated the new 8-bike bike rack that is used by HoBiken.
Thank you Rich.

If you would like to make a donation to HoBiken or have extra or unused bicycles, stop by the Symposia Bookstore to discuss options. We appreciate your support.

HoBiken Bikes for Sale

Great News!
HoBiken bikes are now available for purchase. HoBiken bikes are reliable. You can use around town and with no worries ("Beater Bikes"). Very reasonable prices - plus your purchase helps HoBiken. Send an email to HoBiken - Bikes for Sale (info@hobiken.com) or stop in to the Symposia Bookstore to make an appointment to get your own HoBiken bike.

Donated bikes are often used by HoBiken or are sold to support the project.
Thanks to all who have donated bikes, money and their time. We need your help!

HoBiken Rides

New rides will be posted for the Spring. Join us.

Bike Month New York - May 2008
The 3nd Annual Tour de Brooklyn, Sunday May 25, 2008

HoBiken Bikes

There are a dozen bikes in the project, some are mountain bikes and some are road bikes. New bikes are added regularly. All the road bikes will be switching over to flat handlebars at the request of many HoBiken-ers. Check back for updates.

HoBiken Events
  • 2008 Tour de Bronx Tour de Bronx Sunday, October 19, 2008
    Click on the link above for more information.

HoBiken History

HoBiken was started in the Spring of 2004. With your help it has continued and we have launched the 2008 season. Enjoy and thanks for all the help!

HoBiken needs your help. Join the team - It's fun!
Click here to see how you can help.

For more information send email to info@hobiken.com

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